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Joanna Angel’s Lana – Episode 2
Joanna Angel and Aaron (Small Hands) are still in the process of settling into their new home. Boxes marked 'FRAGILE' sit atop tables, waiting to be unpacked, while new morning routines are being established.Joanna is enjoying a nice yoga session to start her new morning routine. She's completely in the zone as peaceful music plays from the speaker behind her. Everything seems well until the speaker suddenly starts crackling, sending a chill down Joanna's spine. What's even worse is that she can hear movement in the ceiling above her...Swallowing her fear, she heads to the attic to try and figure out what she's hearing. Maybe it has something to do with why the speaker went all funny, too.At first, as she pokes her head up into the attic, she doesn't think she sees anything... until her eyes catch an ominous mist swirling before her. All of a sudden, she's on the ground after falling down the ladder. When she opens her eyes again, they're not her own.Days pass by and Aaron is convinced that something is wrong with the house, having had his own creepy moments. Even Joanna can't shake the feeling that something's not right, even if she's struggling to remember exactly what happened in the attic. She's been feeling these intense sexual urges for days but can't seem to find relief...When Joanna finds a moment to herself, she instantly begins groping her own breasts, her pussy getting wetter by the moment. As she sheds her clothes and plunges her fingers into the folds, she masturbates with an unbridled fury she's never felt before.There's an itch she can't scratch, and it's only the beginning...
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